80th Birthday Celebrations for Herbie

80th Birthday Celebrations for Herbie

NIIMC’s oldest member Herbie McBratney celebrates his 80th birthday today and all his friends in the Northern Ireland Italian Motor Club would like to congratulate him on reaching his four score years and we hope that he thoroughly enjoys his birthday celebrations with his family.

Herbie is a long standing and loyal club member with an infectious personality who is loved by everyone in the club.  Herbie is humorous and mischievous in equal measure and everyone is guaranteed to have a smile on their face when Herbie is around them. He tells some super stories (not all of them believable!!) and will happily offer his advice and expertise to other club members on a range of matters, including how to maintain marital bliss (his long suffering wife Anne has stuck him for more years than she cares to remember).

Despite us liking to poke fun at Herbie he takes it in good spirit and always gives as good as he gets. Every car club needs a member like Herbie and we are honoured to have him as an NIIMC member.

Once again, every best wish on your Birthday Herbie from everyone in the NIIMC.

Tim Logan

Club Secretary

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