Some Italian Glitz In Kitzbuhl

Some Italian Glitz In Kitzbuhl

This year, instead of our annual pilgrimage to Italy for our summer holiday we headed off to Austria to sample some alpine fresh air and try our hand at some yodelling.

As usual I took my camera with me, ready for action and ready to take a snap of any interesting or appealing cars.

This may not come as a surprise but the first thing I have to state is that there are far too may German cars in Austria!! There was an abundance of Porsche, Mercedes, BMW and Audis in particular and not nearly enough Italian glitz to feast my eyes on.

Despite the rivalry between Austria and Germany in the sporting arena the preferred choice of motor for the Austrians is clearly a German one.   With plenty of Germans holidaying in Austria the German manufacturers were dominant. Interestingly in Kitzbuhl there were also a fair number of Jaguars (particularly F-types) and Bentleys from across the range, including the new Bentayga.

There were of course some Italian cars to be seen with the Fiat 500 being a favourite wherever you go with also a reasonable number of  Puntos and Doblos on the roads.  In terms of the more exotic Italian offerings I did spy a few Ferraris and a Lamborghini Huracan. These were the vehicles that attracted the most admiring glances with people keen to get their photos taken beside them.

To my delight there was an Auto Salon just across the road from our hotel. This recently opened business sources and sells top quality vehicles and 3 of the cars in the showroom were Ferraris – a 488, a 458 Italia and a 1980 Ferrari 512i BB. I called in for a look (and to check if there were any bargains to be had!). I quickly established that the cars were out of my price range with them looking a cool 420,000 euro for the Ferrari 512i BB. Within days another Ferrari arrived – a Testarossa with 42,000 miles that had been purchased in Germany and which was now ready to be prepared for sale.

I never really expected to see very many Italian cars on my holiday this year but those that I did spy were worth a snap. In the interests of balance I attach a few of some of the other interesting cars too. I hope you like them.

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