Wax on Wax off!!

Wax on Wax off!!

As car lovers we all like to spend a bit of time lavishing attention on our vehicles to make sure that they always look their best. There is definitely a sense of satisfaction to be had from standing back, looking at an immaculately clean car and knowing that it will attract some admiring glances from others who appreciate the time and effort that has been devoted to the gleaming paintwork.

But, do we really know the best way to prepare a car and what products to use to ensure that we get that showroom finish? At our August club meeting we decided to invite David Davidson and David Lowry from Woodstock Motorparts to come along to speak to NIIMC members and give them a demonstration on how to wash, polish and wax a car using a range of quality products by Autoglym.

The range of Autoglym products is vast, each being specially formulated to deliver the best results. They also have the added benefit of making life a little bit easier for the eager car washers and polishers.  David Lowry put the Autoglym products to the test on a 20 year old Audi which hadn’t been buffed or polished for many years.  He demonstrated the benefits of Traffic Film Remover (TFR) and Liquid Clay, a reactive formula that removes iron contaminants to leave a silky smooth finish to the paintwork just like a clay bar. The product reacts with the contaminant and turns a deep magenta colour so you can see where there iron is.  Both products performed impressively and the Audi was already looking 10 times better even before it had been washed or polished.

David then progressed to the next stages and applied bodywork shampoo conditioner followed by super resin polish and then ultra high definition wax. David was very knowledgeable and was able to answer any questions that members posed. It was also evident from David’s waxing and polishing skills that he had been trained by the ultimate expert – none other than Mr Miyagi from the film Karate Kid who was a master of the “wax on wax off” technique!!

David did not have time to finish polishing and waxing the Audi so Club Chairman, Cyril had to step in to finish it off otherwise the car would have definitely had an identity crisis – not knowing whether its paintwork should be sparking in the evening sun or whether it should be sitting in a dull and dreary state hoping for some love and attention.

Members then took out their wallets and had the opportunity to purchase the Autoglym products of their choice at a specially discounted member rate.

The meeting was well attended and our thanks goes to the two David’s for a very educational evening.  But don’t worry if you missed it you can still pop in to Woodstock Motorparts on the Ravenhill Road and the staff will happily help you to select the products that will help you transform your car (with a bit of discount if you’re lucky!)

For further information on the range of products in stock visit – www.woodstock-motorparts.co.uk

Tim Logan