Alfa Romeo celebrates its 110th birthday

Alfa Romeo celebrates its 110th birthday

To commemorate a milestone that very few automakers can match, Alfa Romeo celebrated its 110th anniversary on 24 June 2020. to mark the occasion Alfa Romeo reopened the doors to its historic museum in Arese, Italy, ensuring of course that all current health and safety guidelines are followed. The brand invited fans from around the world to see new sections of the museum, enjoy exclusive video content and join the celebratory festivities online. Highlights for visitors included;

  • Access to areas of the museum previously concealed from public view, featuring an additional 150 cars, plus trophies, artwork and engines
  • “Alfa Romeo in Uniform,” a new section dedicated to the cars of the carabinieri – the national police force of Italy– will be unveiled
  • The new limited-edition Giulia GTA making its first public appearance
  • Exclusive video content unveiled private areas of the museum, including “Storage” and “Archive” sections

The Alfa Romeo Museum located on the outskirts of Milan is a true brand center that houses more than 200 historical vehicles, making it the natural venue to celebrate the brand’s 110th anniversary. As a special gift to all the “Alfisti” fans around the world, Alfa Romeo opened the museum’s previously private collection storage areas to the public.  The collection is divided into 18 themed zones, ranging from the brand’s earliest cars, such as the 20/30 ES, to Formula racers, with Formula 1 and Formula Indy models being among them.

Celebrations at the museum will continue until Sunday, June 28, with extra visiting hours. If only we weren’t living in the current unprecedented times as I am sure that a few of the NIIMC enthusiasts would have loved the opportunity to pay a visit to the museum at Arese.


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