NIIMC Members come out of hibernation

NIIMC Members come out of hibernation

Who would have thought that by the middle of the summer we would not be in car heaven with shows, club runs and cars and coffee meetings in full swing? Unfortunately 2020 has not turned out as we would have hoped with COVID-19 having a significant impact on the car club scene. Nevertheless, as we move through various phases of COVID-19 recovery NIIMC members thought that the time was right to sniff a few exhaust fumes and get the cars on the road again. Most of us have not been racking up too many miles at all on our cars over the last 4 months so a socially distanced gathering was just the tonic that everyone craved.

Club Members met at the pits of the famous Dundrod circuit and after re-acquainting themselves with fellow club members that they had not seen for a while they set off for a few laps of the Ulster GP circuit and then finished with a lap of the old Clady road race circuit.  Members were also privileged to have an unmarked BMW in attendance to make sure participants stayed within the speed limits and did not indulge in any spirited driving!

It was good to get out on the road again and everyone who participated agreed that we should arrange some more midweek and weekend club runs in the weeks ahead to make up for lost time – lets hope the weather picks up a little so we can call it summer time and can experience a bit of sunshine!!

Tim Logan

Club Chairman