Italian style at Glenarm Castle

Italian style at Glenarm Castle

Following on from the success of the Ards peninsula run NIIMC members gathered in the carpark beside Carrickfergus Castle on Sunday 23 April 2023 for a drive to Glenarm Castle. After the optional coffee stop at McDonalds club members set off in convoy from Carrickfergus on our journey to Glenarm to meet up with members of the NI Vauxhall Club, who courtesy of Ken Smith had invited us to join them and display our cars at Glenarm Castle.

We travelled up the North Road and after a brief drive along the Top Road we headed to Ballynure, Cairncastle, Feystown before arriving at Glenarm.  I had the pleasure of travelling behind Roy’s Maserati Granturismo so there was no need for me to turn my radio on as Roy’s exhaust note provided the perfect soundtrack.

We were ably led by Bryan and his co pilot Alastair who set the pace at the front of the convoy of Italian vehicles which drew many admiring glances – it was pleasing to see a good cross section of Italian style both old and new – from Abarth, Lancia, Alfa Romeo and Maserati.

The facilities at Glenarm provided a perfect destination for a spot of lunch – there was a variety of options from the Tea Room, Milk Parlour, Potting Shed and the Pizza Pavilion. Everyone was well fed and watered and Aaron even bought his mum and dad a freshly baked pizza and then proceeded to eat it all himself!! (he did offer everyone a slice though).

It was also good that other family members had joined us too – wives, children and even grandchildren and for those who enjoy seeing well manicured gardens the walled garden at Glenarm was stunning.

As well as the Italian selection and gathering of Vauxhalls and Opels (even a Calibra – a personal favourite of mine!!) we were also joined by a number of Ford Escorts, a TVR, a Peugeot 205 GTI and a beautiful new Lotus Emira (owned by John from our club who also drives an Abarth).

There was a vibrant buzz around the Castle and Gardens and the weather turned out to be warm and sunny – much better than the forecast. I confidently forecast more enjoyable club runs in the months ahead.

Tim Logan

Club Chairman